What does tinnitus sound like? Buzzing, hissing?

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We all know that tinnitus is a common phenomenon. Sometimes you will feel your ears suddenly "buzzing". Although it is not a fatal problem, frequent tinnitus does cause a lot of troubles in life. Many friends have asked me about neurological tinnitus, because as they grow older, many people are deeply troubled by neurological tinnitus

What does tinnitus sound like? Buzzing, hissing?

1. The first one is that the tinnitus sound is similar to pulse beating or joint ringing, which is physiological tinnitus. If you are in silence If you hear sounds like pulse beating, joint ringing or blood flow in your ears at night, don’t be overly alarmed. This is a normal physiological phenomenon and is physiological tinnitus.

2. Then there is the low, wind-like whirring sound in our ears, which is conductive tinnitus. This is actually tinnitus warning you that your auditory system is damaged. There are obstacles in the conduction part, such as swelling and blockage of the external auditory canal and perforation of the eardrum. We can feel this sound by covering our ears with one hand.

3. There is also the piercing shrill sound, which means you suffer from neurological tinnitus. The piercing shriek is tinnitus that makes people feel very noisy. This is the auditory system. This kind of tinnitus will occur when the auditory receptors in the inner ear are diseased, or when the auditory nerve and auditory center suffer trauma or inflammation.

Tinnitus can be prevented in life

1. Eat more zinc-containing diets: Studies have shown that the zinc content in the cochlea is much higher than other organs. This shows that the ears have very high requirements for zinc, and zinc deficiency is one of the causes of tinnitus. In life, foods rich in zinc include various seafood, eggs, beef, fish, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, apples, walnuts, cabbage, radishes, etc.

2. Eat more iron -containing diet: Too little iron volume will cause red blood cells to harden and cannot effectively pass the inner ear hair fine blood vessels. At this time If it is not enough, it will cause ear damage, leading to tinnitus. So eat more iron-rich foodsFood is very important to patients. Common foods containing more iron include seaweed, black sesame seeds, dried shrimps, black fungus, soy products, etc.

3. Avoid noise pollution: Long-term exposure to noise can cause chronic damage to hearing organs or nerves, resulting in tinnitus. Therefore, you should pay attention to wearing earplugs and other protective measures in life.

4. Avoid mental stress and fatigue: High mental stress or emotional excitement, as well as physical fatigue and weakness will cause tinnitus or worsen tinnitus, so you should adjust your physical and mental state in time.

5. Regularly eat foods with blood-activating effects: Blood-activating foods can help improve blood vessel conditions, activate blood vessels, and reduce blood viscosity, thereby ensuring normal blood circulation in the ear blood vessels. You can often consume red wine, leeks, black fungus, rice wine, etc. in daily life, but the amount of alcohol you drink should be controlled to avoid aggravating the condition.

6. Change bad habits: Smoking and drinking too much will aggravate the condition of tinnitus. At the same time, diets high in fat and sugar will increase blood viscosity, so eat less. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the rational use of drugs, as some drugs have toxic effects on ear organs. You should also explain your tinnitus symptoms to your doctor when seeing a doctor for other diseases. Through the above content, I believe you know the prevention methods of tinnitus, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Warm reminder: Tinnitus needs timely treatment, because long-term tinnitus can lead to the development of mental illness, personality changes, bad temper, and has no effect on people's health. I hope patients and friends will pay attention to it. .

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