Can you be deaf if you are deaf? See what the experts say

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The essay on Paper I of the National New College Entrance Examination mentioned: "The human body changes every day. The eyes can be blind, and the ears can be deaf..."

"The strong do not rejoice in themselves, and the weak do not feel sorry for themselves." This is to encourage people to strive for self-improvement and strive to change the status quo when facing difficulties and misfortunes... And from an audiological perspective, if the ears are not "intelligent", Can you really be "smart"?

The hair cells and nerve cells that give us hearing are only produced during embryonic development.

Hair cell damage is one of the main causes of sensorineural hearing loss. When hair cells are damaged by external stimulation, they cannot spontaneously produce new hair. cells, thereby preventing the human ear from consciously repairing hearing loss.

Healing damaged hair cells
Healing damaged hair cells is the key to solving sensory problems The most direct approach to neurological hearing loss. However, so far, regulatory agencies have not approved any drugs specifically to treat hearing loss. (Some drugs have been tested on animals, but there are no methods that can be used on humans.)

Choose Hearing Aids
When a patient with hearing loss is diagnosed with When you have sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids can be an effective solution.

Hearing aids should be worn as early as possible to prevent the brain from gradually becoming uncomfortable with language if it is not exposed to sound for a long time, causing hearing loss to gradually worsen and affecting communication.

In a practical sense, hearing aids truly realize "the deaf can be heard".

However, in order to improve poor hearing, hearing-impaired patients need to pay attention to the hearing loss problem and actively participate in treatment, achieving "early detection, early intervention, scientific fitting, and listening to professionals" Guidance."

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