What should I do if my newborn has hearing loss?

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It is unfortunate for a child to have hearing loss, which will have a great negative impact on his life. Some children have severe hearing loss. Parents always hope that their children's hearing will be better, even if the effect of wearing Hearing Aids is better, as long as He will be very happy if his language level is close to normal and he can go to a normal school to study, even if his grades are poor! Compared with these children, children with mild hearing loss should be lucky. They can hear their parents clearly even without wearing hearing aids. These children generally have close to normal hearing at low and medium frequencies, but they just learn to speak later in childhood, or the children have unclear speech, or their voices are slightly hoarse.

What should I do if my newborn has hearing loss?

If the baby’s hearing loss is detected, parents do not need to be discouraged. Treatment of the baby’s hearing loss can usually enhance hearing . The same goes for hearing loss caused by some diseases, so parents need to go to the hospital to seek help from a doctor in time. Nowadays, great progress has been made in improving hearing loss technology. Even babies aged 0-1 year old can hear sounds by wearing hearing aids.

If the baby has hearing loss, and if it is more severe, you can wait until the baby is 1 year old to receive an electronic cochlear implant, which can replace the inner ear to transmit sound to the brain. However, it should be noted that if wearing a hearing aid does not help, then cochlear implantation will still require speech therapy. It will probably take a few years before the baby can understand speech.

Newborns with hearing loss should first go to a regular children’s hospital for screening and intervention. The development of the human auditory center, speech center, and concept center all have the best stage. Beyond this stage, developmental plasticity becomes significantly smaller, and the appropriate stimulus for the development of these centers is sound. The earlier a deaf child wears a hearing aid, the earlier he or she will receive sound stimulation, and the earlier these centers will develop. Practice has proven that deaf children who wear hearing aids early have much better rehabilitation effects in terms of hearing ability, language ability, and learning ability than deaf children who wear hearing aids later.

The critical period for language development in early childhood is mainly manifested in three stages:
The first stage: 8-10 months after the child is born, which is when the baby understands language The critical period of meaning;
 The second stage: around 1 and a half years old, it is a critical period for the development of infant oral language;
The third stage: around 5 and a half years old, is the key for children to master Chinese grammar, understand abstract vocabulary and begin to form comprehensive language abilities Expect.
Early diagnosis, early intervention (using hearing aid products), and early rehabilitation (carrying out language training). In principle, if you fail the hospital hearing screening three times, you can wear a hearing aid. However, it is not recommended to wear them within 3 months. Children have strong growth and repair abilities, and medical treatments are developing rapidly.

In short, if the baby’s hearing loss is very severe, parents should know that it is unlikely that the baby can speak and listen. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended that parents help their babies learn sign language as early as possible, so as to help the baby integrate into normal life as soon as possible.

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